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carpet-cleaning-servicesHaving a clean carpet doesn’t have to be so hard! All you need is a little help to have a perfect carpet. We offer professional carpet cleaning services exclusively available throughout the week in Soho.

Our professional carpet cleaning services are always delivered by experienced technicians in the field of carpet cleaning – technicians with clean criminal records and more than two years of experience.

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Landing Carpet £9
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26


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    You should rely on us and not on other carpet cleaning companies in Soho because we offer affordable cleanings of your rugs and carpets. We can be booked throughout the week and even on bank holidays.

    Our technicians are familiar with methods for cleaning of all sorts of carpet fibers without damaging them. Choose us now and you won’t regret it later.

    We can make you happy, just book us

    Exceptional job! We tell many people about your carpet cleaning service. You manage to conduct business the way it has to be done. You are definitely without a rival in the area and we do not plan to switch to another carpet cleaning service because yours is the best.

    Unlike other cleaning companies in Soho, we truly care for our clients and their carpets. That’s why our carpet cleaning technicians use only Eco-friendly cleaning products to deliver our services.


    We guarantee that our detergents contain no dangerous chemicals and won’t damage your carpet’s fibers or colors. On the contrary, our detergents are proven to help return the once-vivid colors of your carpeting!

    Our cleaning company uses the carpet cleaning method declared best in the fight against stains and bacteria – deep steam cleaning – hot water extraction. We guarantee complete bacteria elimination from your carpets without exceptions. We’re available throughout the week and also on bank holidays, too. We operate exclusively in N1 and you’re really lucky if your dirty carpet is there.

    Why our deep steam cleaner is so good

    Our deep steam cleaner is so much better than that of other carpet cleaning companies in N1 because our cleaning machine is developed by scientists and guarantees total sanitation of your carpets with a single move.


    BeforeBefore Cleaning
    AfterAfter Cleaning
    BeforeBefore Cleaning
    AfterAfter Cleaning

    The water we’re cleaning with is so hot that it kills all germs, fungi and bacteria but doesn’t wet the carpet – and that’s revolutionary cleaning method.

    Call us if you want your carpet sanitized quickly and efficiently. We can return the once vivid colors of your carpet. Book us now.

    Carpets are indispensable part of the interior. Owing to them, the place looks cosier and more comfortable. However, if you do not take proper and regular care of your pieces, they can deteriorate the air quality and lead to some serious health problems. If you still have never booked a professional carpet cleaning service, it is not too late to get on the right track because the perfect look for your carpets is merely a phone call away.

    We collaborate with some of the best carpets technicians in Soho. Each of them has access to top of the range cleaning equipment which can turn even the heavily trampled pieces in beautiful, clean carpets.

    We offer flexible working slots so feel free to share your requirements and preferred time table so that we can take them into account. We even have special rates on multiple-service requests. Call us now and see for yourself.