Sofa Cleaning London

Sofa cleaning is basically the process of sanitizing and disinfecting your long time used sofas, getting them rid of all the grime, food, drink and other stains and spills they have accumulated.

What is Sofa Cleaning?

sofa_service The process includes also colour reviving and refreshing of the tissue of your couches. After a proper sofa cleaning your favourite upholstered furniture will look like new and smell pleasantly. The most sure way to receive a properly done sofa cleaning is hiring a professional cleaning company.

What is included in the price?

The sofa cleaning we provide includes service like:

  • Moving obstructive furniture and other objects preventing our cleaners to provide the excellent cleanness of your sofas
  • Preliminary treatment of every obstinate stain, soiled patch and very contaminated areas
  • Spraying with a deodorizer the cleaned areas
  • Using mechanical power driers for facilitating the drying procedure
  • All the cleaning preparations included in the price of the sofa cleaning
  • Using very advanced sofa cleaning machines during the process
  • Determining the condition of your sofa in advance, before starting work on it
  • Applying the most saving and proper detergents and machines for every sofa, depending on its fabric
  • Deodorising of all sofas after the cleaning process is successfully completed
  • Very quick drying period of all upholstered furniture, provided by the powerful drying devices we use
  • Excellent results of our sofa cleaning every time guaranteed
  • Providing transportation to your address for no additional costs
  • Very qualified and skilled cleaning staff who know how to take care of different sofas and upholstery
  • Time-tested cleaning company, approved by the London community

What is our working time?

sofa_service02Our working time is not limited by holidays and weekends. We are available for our customers all day of the week. If you call our call centres you can arrange a time appropriate for you and our cleaners any time of the day. You can also have your sofa cleaning scheduled in the weekends and holidays for no extra charge.

Our services are made accessible whenever you may need them. We are on your disposal seven days a week. Call our company to book a cleaner or a team of cleaners to complete your cleaning tasks fast and effectively.

How much will it cost?

Our sofa cleaning procedures are relatively inexpensive and accessible for every new customer. We are determined to provide affordable cleaning services to make them available for every London citizen. If you check our price list you will see many discounts not to mention the special offers we provide. The best sofa cleaning in London is on your disposal with our low-cost and very effective cleaning services, you won’t find anywhere else.

Who we are?

We are a cleaning company located in London with many years cleaning experience. Our cleaning services are one of the most approved by the British society, being a combination of high class qualitative services and affordable prices for them. You won’t find a better solution for your hygiene problems than hiring our cleaning company to look after your property. You can choose from a number of cleaning services and the frequency of visits that you prefer. We are determined to deliver each customer with immaculate cleanness.

Why choosing us?

If you choose us to do your sofa cleaning you will receive a number of benefits you won’t take advantage of in other companies.

They include:

  • Effective stain removal of any kind, thanks to our pre-treatment procedures for more complex cleaning situations
  • Fast and professionally done sofa cleaning
  • Cleaning services in accordance with your requirements and special demands