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carpet-cleaning-servicesAt our company, we take pride in having the most affordable and convenient carpet cleaning services in Islington and even the areas around it. We have trained specialists who are savvy in carpet cleaning and the variations of carpet fabrics and their specific cleaning needs. We have been in the business long enough to know what manufacturers recommend for certain types of carpets.

We promise you a service that is performed by equipped, hard-working and experienced cleaners and carpets whose beauty will be preserved. Our prices are inexpensive and we dare say that they are affordable to anyone.

Convenient Carpet Cleaning Services in Islington

We are easy to reach and our booking process is very simple and does not take up much of your time, plus we do not require a deposit upon booking. Our company has made sure that our services are convenient and helpful to anyone who uses them.

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Carpet Price
Landing Carpet £9
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26


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    Hey, I would like to say how happy I am with my new clean carpets. The cleaners who came out were… fantastic. They do know how to get a job well done. I still cannot believe that all the stains are gone. I will surely be recommending your carpet cleaning.

    Our cleaning specialists perform our carpet cleaning service on-site and they can clean the carpets in your home or business property, anywhere in Islington. We are prompt and we use our own machines and products.

    In order to get rid of all soil and germs from the surface of your carpet and from beneath it, we use hot water extraction method which allows our team to easily eliminate all problems. First, they will vacuum, then they will precondition the carpet and treat spots (if necessary), and lastly, they will use the special hot water extraction machines to leave your carpet spotless and refreshed.

    Our carpet cleaning services are amazing and use innovative products and machines. We guarantee you fantastic results, reasonable rates and availability all over Islington at your convenient time.

    What other information you should know:

    • Our carpet cleaning specialists have undergone a very serious training and have had years of experience
    • Our services include the cleaning machines and products used in the process
    • Our prices are economical and cover taxes and the cleaning supplies
    • We work seven days a week and during bank holidays
    • We promise 100 per cent efficiency and satisfaction with our results

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    BeforeBefore Cleaning
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    People often choose to have carpets as parts of their interior, which is a very good option, but hard to maintain at the same time. Every carpet must be thoroughly cleaned at least two times every year, but some people neglect that rule and end up in having health issues because of dirty carpets. We find this disturbing, so we want offer you our professional help and deal with the cleaning of your carpets, on a very small and more than tempting price!

    We operate in the whole area of Islington and we offer the carpet cleaning service for any type of carpet, wherever it’s located. Office carpets, home carpets, different rugs – basically anywhere and everywhere in Islington carpets are just waiting for us to come and clean them thoroughly!

    The carpet cleaning service is performed by experienced cleaners, with the help of professional and specialised equipment and chemicals-free cleaning products, which can ensure the thorough cleaning of your carpets by leaving no traces of dirt or damages to the condition!

    Choose our safe carpet cleaning service and we will show you why we are second to none on the market in Islington!