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carpet-cleaning-servicesIf you want the best care for your carpets, call our company and book our professional carpet cleaning service and we assure you that your carpets will be treated gently.

We will send a team of experts in the field who will use safe and harmless cleaning products on your carpets and will quickly and effortlessly remove all kinds of stains, take care of heavily soiled areas, extract all dust from beneath the surface, remove bad smells and fight the spread of allergens and dust mites, etc.

Many people have discovered the benefits and advantages of using our services, so be smart and call us for help right away, too. We will provide you a proven and a secure carpet cleaning service that is second to none in the entire Hoxton.

Modern Carpet Cleaning Services in Hoxton

At our company we pride ourselves in always keeping up with the trends in the cleaning world and we always update our equipment with the ones we consider to be truly efficient. Plus, we are also known for using eco-friendly cleaning products, unlike many other companies.

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Carpet Price
Landing Carpet £9
Bedroom Carpet £23
Livingroom Carpet £26


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    Extend the life of your carpet and bring it back to its glorious days in a flash. Just dial our number and that’s all you need.

    The carpet technician came right on the dot and was truly professional and kind. The cleaning was done a little bit earlier than I expected which was not a problem at all. All of the pieces were deep cleaned to an extremely high standard. I loved the new look!

    What is more, we are offering you a very reasonable service that can be booked with a short notice and for a weekend day or a bank holiday. We are a company that take its customers’ satisfaction very seriously and we will do anything to please you.

    Our cleaning specialists have been extensively trained to work on all types of carpets (nylon, polyester, wool-blends, etc.) and we have equipped our teams with the latest steam cleaning technology and safe products. Our team will vacuum and pre-treat your carpet then they will steam clean it and make sure all of its problems – germs, dust, soil and stains, etc. are gone.

    We are unequalled here in Hoxton and we dare say our carpet cleaning services are the best in the entire area.

    Here are other things we are known for:

    • A very practical price system that makes our services accessible to anyone who needs them
    • We can undertake any carpet cleaning job – commercial or residential, as long as it is in Hoxton
    • We offer a number of convenient packages
    • Our work hours are considerate of your schedule

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    BeforeBefore Cleaning
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    Would you like to try our professional carpet cleaning service? Let us briefly explain to you, why is our service the best on Hoxton’s market right now!

    First of all, every service in our catalogue is performed by trained and experienced cleaning staff. They are known for their efficiency and motivation to constantly prove how good our cleaning techniques, products and equipment are.

    Secondly, the carpet cleaning service of ours is more than attentive and thorough cleaning of your carpets, whatever type they are. We are able to deep clean them easily, with the help of our specialised and modern machines. The best part is not only that your carpets will look amazing, but they will also smell good, because we leave no unpleasant smells after the cleaning procedures are done!

    On the third place is the price of our service. It is affordable and low, because we want to clean as many carpets as possible in the whole area of Hoxton!

    Finally, we know how busy your schedules might be, so we offer all of our services, including the professional carpet cleaning, every day of the week, including on national holidays!

    Book us right away and we guarantee you excellent, long-lasting and more than impressive results!